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How to migrate all of your eBay listings from HTTP to HTTPS with few clicks

How to migrate all of your listings from HTTP to HTTPS with few clicks. All the new listings are already in HTTPS 😉
PS: Search for HTTP:// and replace it with HTTPS://




Sku Grid Tutorial to Connect Black Lister


Sku Grid Tutorial  You will need to  Generate your Remote Key first

ebay lister


Skugrid lister tutorials

sku-grid lister tutorials

skugrid lister tutorialsku-grid lister tutorials lister

List items on Ebay (US/UK).
Automatically add them to Sku Grid for monitoring.
List from all suppliers supported by Sku Grid.
Multiple custom settings.

Zik Analytics Lister Integration

Connection with ZIK Analytics is now ready!! Please follow these steps:

zik analytics lister 1. Visit “Link My Researcher” page on BL and generate a token.

Connect ZIK Analytics
2. Visit “My Settings” page on ZIK and on the tab “Amazon Integration” you can add your store and the BL token, that you have already generated in the previous step.

Management Panel —> My Settings —> Amazon Integration

zik analytics lister

3. Now you can research products on ZIK and add them on “My Items” list. From there you can send the item on BL’s draft page for editing and uploading on eBay.

Management Panel —> My Items

zik analytics lister

zik analitiks ebay lister

zik analytics lister

Black Lister –> Drafts Page

Enjoy it

ZIK Analytics is a powerful research software made for auction web sites sellers, wishing to improve their online business performance. The software was developed by a home based Power Vendor and by using special calculations and statistical methods to make market research easy, fast and effective.
But the most exciting tool is our competitor research, where you can undercut your competition by spying prove hottest items and their performance. This information will boost your shop that help to increase your profit.Furthermore, ZIK Stats offers a special key word research tool with a special algorithm that will provide you with the most popular and most selling keywords on eBay.ZIK Analytics is a tool that can assist you to identify the hottest selling items, the very best advertising categories and the most importantly, amazon products with the top demand.



Why to use a new UPC/EAN in a SEO listing??

Hello Dropshippers!!

In this post i’d like to explain you the reasons that we have to use a new UPC in a SEO listing!
The reasons are very simple..

First of all we know that eBay loves new and unique listings. That means that a listing with a new & unique title, image, description or item specifics earns ebay’s confidence and the reward is to be in the highest positions on eBay results.
A second and most important reason is about your competitors. When using the original UPC/EAN of the product that you want to list, the only thing you do is your listing to be in the same eBay results as the competitors. In this case you have to choose..To choose if you want your listing to be there or to make it unique and “hide” your listing in different eBay results..In the second case you can be, as i said, unique and resell it in higher profits.

PS: Don’t forget also that if you love undercut, you can use the same as the competitors and share their listings traffic!

George Karamal

How to properly use Shortcodes & Metatags

How to properly use Shortcodes & Metatags 

Here is the reason that makes Black Lister unique. The reason that Black Lister is a SEO Lister.
Use the Metatags and the Shortcodes as the video describes and be sure that your listings will be on the first page on eBay.


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Now select Normal View, and the template is in place, ready for description text editing.
Black Lister mobile friendly
100% Mobile Responsive In the Enter Description area, select HTML view

All Black Lister templates are 100% mobile responsive.
Your listings will look amazing on any device. Easily switch between desktop and mobile views to make sure your listings look great on any

Open up a Sell Your Item form on eBay, or create a new item in black Lister device with the world’s first and only editor for mobile listings.Select the ebay templates free you require then right-click and select View Source to open a text document
Our editor makes it easy to customize your eBay templates exactly the way you want it. No creative limits – if you can imagine it, Black Lister can do it. Highlight all of the code from the text document and copy it into the Description area



walmart dropshipping tool

How to make an order with TeoBot from Walmart and Registry List – Cashback Included

How to make an order with TeoBot from Walmart and Registry List – Cashback Included

walmart dropshipping tool






ebay lister

Draft Listing – Store Categories

eBay Auto Order – How it Works

Auto Ordering System for Black Lister members and not only is ready and it called TEOBOT
Just download the extension (free for Black Lister’s members) from Google Store and you are ready to use it on AMAZON.COM & AMAZON.CO.UK  & WALMART only for the beginning..

Just Follow these steps:

1. Download TEOBOT extension from the link above
2. Make your account here (already included on Black Lister)
3. Import your supplier’s link and your eBay ids (Black Listings does not need to import them) in Listing History page.
4. Go to My Sales page and search your order’s item number.
5. Click Order button.
6. After redirecting to amazon, add the item to cart manually, go to checko, click on TeoBot’s button at the right top and boom…address is automatically completed.

ps1: We created TeoBot with this way, believe us we tried many ways (up to make the order 100% automatically), for the reason that users make the orders with many ways (many of dropshippers for example use one day delivery or gift options, but some not) ;)..Now with this way, we save our value time that 90% of the order is only to copy paste the address from ebay to supplier’s checkout and we avoid any wrong shipments.

ps2: We add more and more suppliers continuously.

ps3: You can download from your repricer in a CSV file your listing history, edit it as TeoBot wants, and upload it to Black Lister’s Listing History page.

ps4: Download the extension here:


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UK – Earn With Drop Shipping and Cash Back

Earn With Drop Shipping and Cash Back – UK