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Android Ebay Listing App

New Black Lister Updates

1. Fetch Amazon products only with ASSIN number

ebay lister

2. Add an Amazon product to your cart, open product’s url from the cart, fetch this url and send it to your repricer.

3. If the product that you want to list has less than 4 images, Black Lister duplicate the first image 4 times, for best SEO.

ebay lister

4. “Mark all” button for images added.

ebay lister

5. Choose the shortcodes and use them now from the “Auto List” page.

ebay lister

walmart dropshipping tool






Ebay Dropshipping software

Pricefox Ebay Repricer

Ebay Dropshipping Tool Ebay Dropshipping Tool Ebay Dropshipping Tool Ebay Dropshipping software Ebay Dropshipping repricer Tool

ebay lister

Draft Listing – Store Categories

eBay Auto Order – How it Works

Auto Ordering System for Black Lister members and not only is ready and it called TEOBOT
Just download the extension (free for Black Lister’s members) from Google Store and you are ready to use it on AMAZON.COM & AMAZON.CO.UK  & WALMART only for the beginning..

Just Follow these steps:

1. Download TEOBOT extension from the link above
2. Make your account here (already included on Black Lister)
3. Import your supplier’s link and your eBay ids (Black Listings does not need to import them) in Listing History page.
4. Go to My Sales page and search your order’s item number.
5. Click Order button.
6. After redirecting to amazon, add the item to cart manually, go to checko, click on TeoBot’s button at the right top and boom…address is automatically completed.

ps1: We created TeoBot with this way, believe us we tried many ways (up to make the order 100% automatically), for the reason that users make the orders with many ways (many of dropshippers for example use one day delivery or gift options, but some not) ;)..Now with this way, we save our value time that 90% of the order is only to copy paste the address from ebay to supplier’s checkout and we avoid any wrong shipments.

ps2: We add more and more suppliers continuously.

ps3: You can download from your repricer in a CSV file your listing history, edit it as TeoBot wants, and upload it to Black Lister’s Listing History page.

ps4: Download the extension here:


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UK – Earn With Drop Shipping and Cash Back

Earn With Drop Shipping and Cash Back – UK


BeFrugal – Earn With Cash Back – USA

Earn With Drop Shipping and Cash Back – USA

BeFrugal Review:

When you sign-up for free with BeFrugal not only will you score a free $10 bonus, but you’ll also enter the world of cashback shopping.

This means you’ll get paid whenever you start your online shopping via the BeFrugal website, browser extension, or their mobile app.

It works by BeFrugal getting paid a commission whenever they drive shoppers to a store’s website. But instead of keeping the commission for themselves, they actually give 102% of it (on average) to their users (YOU!).

Here are some detailed specs to help you figure out

Number of Merchants that Offer Cashback: 5,000+
Top Cashback Merchants: Amazon (up to 10% cashback), Walmart (4% back), Sam’s Club (3% back), Rite-Aid (4% back), Dell (6% back), Shutterfly (7% back), Eddie Bauer (4% back), Under Armour (8% back), American Eagle (5% back), Macy’s (6% back), and (6% back).
Payout Methods: Check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card.
Mobile App: They have both an iOS and Android app.
Browser Extension: Yes, they call it the “Couponomatic” and it automatically adds coupon codes to your purchase when shopping online. No more cutting and pasting codes and looking for coupons that may or may not work.
Sign-Up Bonus: $10 Bonus just for signing-up. $10 bonus is payable when you confirm your BeFrugal account earn $10 or more in cashback.
Do They Offer Coupons? Yes, it’s hard to “be frugal” without using a coupon on your purchase. This is a great way to “Double Dip” your savings.

Click Here to Try BeFrugal and Score a $10 Bonus

Why BeFrugal Rocks:

There are a few highly legitimate reasons why they rock plus some hacks to save even more…

Find a Coupon That Doesn’t Work? Score $5 – If you find an online coupon on BeFrugal that doesn’t work, tell them about it (within 24 hours) and get $5 added to your account.
Get Paid via Amazon Gift Card – Redeem your earnings via an Amazon gift card and score an additional 3% cashback. Might as well.
Security Concerns – When using their app, turn on text verification via your mobile phone for additional mobile security. BeFrugal offers unique text verification as an additional method to secure your account against unauthorized use.
125% Cashback Guarantee – Not only does BeFrugal give back 100% of their commissions to their users, they stand behind it with a sweet guarantee. If you find another cashback site that gives more back at any specific retailer, let BeFrugal know about it and they’ll match it, PLUS 25%. To make it happen you need to do the following:
Login to your BeFrugal account.
Make the purchase like you normally would.
Next, submit your receipt and store name, the higher rate offered, and a link to that rate (All done via your BeFrugal account).
Once verified, they will automatically award you 125% of the higher cashback rate.


TopCashBack.COM – Earn With Cash Back

Earn With Drop Shipping and Cash Back – USA

Earn TopCashBack $5 Amazon Gift Card + $10 Referral Bonus:

Sign up for a TopCashBack account(free to join and earn cashback for shopping online) to earn $5 Amazon gift card.
Log into your account and grab your referral link, then post it on all social media, email, etc.
They must shop through TopCashBack at your favorite online stores and earn at least $10 payable cash back rewards threshold.
TopCashBack will send you the $10 referral bonus.

TopCashBack*, one of the premier cash back shopping networks, is offering a $5 Amazon gift card + $10 referral bonus when you refer your friends and family through your referral link! Once they have an account with TopCashBack, they can refer your friends and family to earn more cash back. TopCashBack has great cash back rates for many online merchants so you wouldn’t have a problem meeting this requirement.

Black Lister Preview By Danea Key

Black Lister Preview By Danea Key



Black Lister Register Coupon 30% OFF

Black Lister Register Coupon 30% OFF

*30% OFF for the first month of subscription.