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Listing Bonanza Items Ebay

Listing Bonanza Items Ebay Automatically

Listing bonanza Items Ebay Automatically? Because of the import from ebay, as soon as I put up a new listing on ebay, it automatically imports to Bonanza and it shows up in my itmes ready to post section.
THAT is just so way cool. I love it, I don’t have to go and click on the import button all the time.
This is the first time I noticed this. I had three listings and I’m looking hey wait a minute I didn’t have time to do this on bonanza yet, how these items are here? and then the light came on.
Oh this is fun fun fun, I love it. Thank you Bonanza
I just signed up to Bonanza and I am trying the import ebay listings.

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I started yesterday and I shut down my computer before going to bed and I had forgotten that the syn was going on.
This morning I open Bonanza and it says: The eBay import you requested on September 25th, 2017 at 15:53 is in progress. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for us to complete your initial account setup.Is this still normal. When I shut off my computer I got logged out of Bonanza….normally doesn’t that cancel any ongoing things.
If I have to Listing Bonanza Items Ebay, I stop the sync and try again.

Listing Bonanza Items on Ebay

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Ideas on how to erase negative feedbacks from eBay

Ideas on how to erase negative feedbacks from eBay as a seller and 2 sample messages: Suggest edit/add at your own discretion.
EBay has some rules regarding feedback. We can learn and use /bend them to try and erase the negatives. (Most of the negatives can be erased) The rules and possible case scenarios are numerous and every case is different, so here are just some examples to get a taste of what you can do:
1. If a buyer leaves negative because he didn’t liked the item, or for poor quality: You send him a message offering a return for full refund. If he agrees: You do the return and send him a “request feedback revision” form link (You can submit 5 Feedback revision requests for every 1,000 Feedback comments you’ve received in the past 12 consecutive months.) If he don’t revise, call eBay-they’ll erase it. If he does not agree/does not respond: Even better because you don’t do the return: You wait for a few days and call eBay, telling them the truth of what happened. Especially for this case, it will be easy to be deleted, because the feedback regards the item itself and not the seller/service.
2. Many sellers call upon “feedback extortion” . In many cases, a complaining customer will extort throughout his messages. When he does, you win. In some occasions, if you see a customer complaining a lot you think he’s going to leave a “-“ and hasn’t yet extorted, a good strategy is to try and lead him to extort you. For example try to politely “poke” him indirectly reminding him about his “negative feedback option power” or with questions like “Since you don’t agree with any of our solutions, then how do you thing/what else can you do to satisfy your demands?”
eBay has some agents that will say you can’t erase it. You insist (e.g. ask to talk with a supervisor or to connect you with the revisions department or something, or hang-up and call again) and they will eventually erase it.
As a general rule, you never admit your mistakes (but you try to fix it) and you try to make the buyer to revise it. If he doesn’t, you seek and find a rule or an irregularity to his complaint or blame someone else (e.g.item was delivered late because of the shipping service) .

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Returns in – Some facts and few tips on how to handle.

Returns in – Some facts and few tips on how to handle.

Returns are time-consuming and sometimes tricky to handle correctly, that’s a good reason to double-think our suppliers. In a return you might lose money or make even more money than your initial profit.

Although eBay supports only one way to do it, there are more than one ways of processing a return; it depends on the case, which one is best to pick.
Also the processing approaches are different between USA(.com) and UK eBay(

Here I just point out some facts and tips for
Facts to consider:
1.In eBay US you can select restocking fee. I select 15-20%. (I’ve been selling with 0% also, I haven’t noticed any difference in sales.)
2.EBay doesn’t like it when you have many return cases open at the same period of time, or cases that do not honour eBay’s timelines.
3.In the return cases form, if you accept the return, eBay will ask you to put the return address. If the address is not the same region with the item’s declared location, eBay won’t let you proceed.
IMO these are the main reasons that sometimes -especially if the item is inexpensive- handling a return through messages is better.
4.If you make an official/full refund (e.g. cancel order or refund buyer through return case) eBay will also return its “final value fees” of this sale. But if you make a partial refund outside of the official return form, you won’t get them unless you call eBay and inform them regarding.
5.For some strange reason, if you select “I accept the return” eBay disables your ability of uploading photos or communicating with the buyer through the case. And then they have some silly steps with labels and tracking numbers and timelines(Item Shipped/Delivered/Refund Sent), that most of the times it makes the whole process trickier to close.
6.If “take action” timelines thresholds are crossed, a new option “let us step in and help” appears. If you or the buyer selects it, eBay will try and favor the buyer. So you will lose the case and get a “defect”.
7. For the restocking fee to be applied officially, the buyer must open a return case. So whenever it applies (e.g. they just didn’t like the item) and he asks for a return through messages, you ask them to open a return case.
8.If a buyer opens a case and then stops responding: Although eBay says “Take action within few days” instead of accepting the return, I wait for some 1-4 days more and then I offer a (small) partial refund. If the buyer keeps not responding, they close the case in your favour.
9.These said, most of the times it is best to have a return case open, but never accept the return. Instead, you select “contact buyer”, write the instructions there and upload the photos with the shipping label if needed.

Returns in dropshipping
Sample message on what to write: (1. Keep in mind that before you let them know you initiated a return process, you can ask them stuff like if they have a printer to print the label, if they would like a replace or refund, if they prefer to drop it off by themselves or for UPS to pick up their package, what days they will be at home for UPS to come etc. 2. eBay shrinks the uploaded files, so photo resolution of the labels may become too small for them to read/print/scan. If you are not sure they will receive it big enough, you can find their email through PayPal and inform them that you will also send the label there for better resolution. Also tell them to always contact you through eBay messaging system)
Hello Heather,
I’m so sorry to hear that your item arrived damaged. In this case, I’ll be happy to assist you with the return.
How to return your item: Here, we attach for you your prepaid return label to print and affix onto the package. 1.Please put the item in it’s original packaging and the return label on the outside. Affixit squarely onto the address side of the parcel, covering up any previous delivery address and barcode without overlapping any adjacent side. 2.Take this package to a UPS location. And that’s it!
Once we receive the package we will refund you, minus any shipping costs/restocking fees.
Best regards, George Clooney, GosueBayStore

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3 Deadly Mistakes New eBay DSers do

3 Deadly Mistakes New eBay DSers do

  1. Mistake #1: Out Of Stock approach. Wrong action: In out of stock situation, I immediately cancel the order and refund the buyer. I select the reason “I ‘m Out Of Stock”. This is a 2x critical mistake because: a. I get a “defect rate” for choosing OOS. The more the defects, the less store exposure and seller performance I will have. This is a good way to reach “below standard performance” and eventually lose my account. In other words: We NEVER select the option “I ‘m Out Of Stock”. We select the “Buyer asked to cancel the order” . (lately a 3rd option has been added, “somethin’g wrong with buyers address”) b. I haven’t let the buyer know prior cancelling, thus leading to negative feedback or reporting it to eBay (claim). I should contact the buyer before cancelling the order and indirectly lead them to tell me to cancel the order for them. Correct actions: There are 2-3 commonly acceptable approaches but I’ll write 2 here: I see i’m OOS, I don’t panic. If I want I can wait for a couple of days to see if it comes back, or just search for another supplier with the same item. If this doesn’t work: 1. I mark it as shipped. After some days I inform the buyer that the item was lost in transit. 2. I send a message telling him that the product were damaged: Messages can be like this:
“Hello Buyersname,
Thank you for shopping with us. We strive to provide our customers with products in perfect condition, so it is our duty to inform you that the items of your order have been found with some damage. We are so very sorry and embarrassed for this. However no worries, we can offer you 3 options: 1. We can ship it ASAP if we receive more same items from the manufacturer. In this case, we will be unable to give you an exact delivery date. 2. We can send this great similar item to you/ A number of our customers that have bought it were very satisfied. 3. We can send you an immediate FULL refund. This way you will get your refund much sooner. Again, our sincere apologies… Looking forward to hearing back from you so we know how to proceed.” In most of the cases the buyer will just go for the refund.
2. Mistake #2: Not investing time & money in Tools/Courses/Info (Platform policies/suppliers’ policies/ News regarding DS/Community) That’s an easy common sense one, but some people tend to hope they will succeed without them. When they see no results, they become disappointed and quit. For starting it, DS personal skills and mindset come after commitment and knowledge. It’s that simple: You won’t go far without proper knowledge, eBay will shut you down sooner or later. Try and get at least the basics before starting making your own methods, decisions etc. Find a relative community and make friends/partners etc.
3. Mistake #3: Selecting cheap products located in another country e.g. China VS more expensive located in the same country. Although it is a better idea for other platforms, e.g. Shopify, in eBay -especially when not having an old account/being an experienced seller- it’s not. Unless you have a great plan in mind, or found a great supplier/deal etc, buying from another country is probably a bad idea. And you will soon find it out in time if you do. Here‘s why: 1. Our No1 priority is to ensure the safety of our account and eBay’s high standards make it always eager to punish us for every mistake of ours. Selling from China Warehouses will result in low quality /damaged/ Not as described(SNAD) products, longer delivery times (ePacket service Rocks, but still…), customs problems etc. As a result we get more complains, negatives, returns and time consumption. The most probably poor Chinese suppliers’ services/English language and reluctance to accept returns comes to add to the problem. We must understand that in DS we sell keywords. It’s better to/We can list numerous expensive products with lower profit margin from inside the country, at least until we grow our business enough. That said, there is a method where you sell cheap products from China with high profit margins, so when something goes wrong, you can just give it away without return.

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How to create an eBay seller account

Register with eBay and create a Seller Account in order to start selling. It’s free and easy. Simply follow the steps below.
Note: Don’t be fooled: Creating an eBay account, listing some things and selling them is easy. Trying to make a living out of this is something different. You will need guidance by a teacher or private tutor (coaching) or join /find one of the courses available online.

Register at

1. Go to
2. Sign in to your account, or register for a new one. Click “Register.” 3. Fill out the form, including contact information, email address, password, first and last name, and your mobile phone number.
4. Click “Register”
5. After you register you need to confirm the account by sending a PIN to your mobile phone.
6. Enter the PIN sent to your mobile phone, then click Continue.
7. You will be redirected to the Main Page of eBay and you will notice on the top left corner that you will see your name there, that means that you successfully registered your new eBay account.

Create a Seller Account

1. Click “Sell”.
2. Provide your main contact number and address, click Continue.
Note: If you change the country in this form, it will ask you to enter you username and password to continue.
3. eBay will ask you to enter your password for the account. Click Continue.
Note: The username is generated automatically when you are making your account a seller account but you can change it anytime you want.
4. When you reach this page, this means that your account is already a seller account but you need to set-up some settings first before you can use it properly for selling. Click on the eBay logo.
5. The next steps are important for you specify an automatic payment method for paying your seller fees. Click on “My Ebay“.
6. Click on “Account“.
7. Click on the link that says ” Change automatic payment method“.
8. You need to choose what payment method you would like to set for paying seller fees and eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements using PayPal, Debit card, or Credit Card. After you chose one for your payment method click on “Set up Automatic Payment“.
9. Provide the necessary information needed for setting up your payment method.
TIP: Sign up for PayPal in order to receive secure online payments for your items. This will verify your identity, increase security with the latest anti-fraud technology, allow you to accept credit cards as payment, and more!
Log in to eBay, then choose My eBay > Account. Here you’ll find information on how to sign up for PayPal. Once you’ve done so, return to your Account and choose “Link My PayPal


Dropshipping Fixed Messages

Fixed Messages: Ideas on what to write in various occasions/shitty situations.
Hello, these are for reference only. Use your brain before you use /alter them, or create yours.
1. Hello! We are still in the process of trying to fulfil, but have been having a difficult time getting it shipped out from our supplier. And at this point are well beyond our estimated shipping date. We have been in constant communication with them, but are still not completely sure when we’ll be able to get this shipped out.We certainly are extremely sorry and embarrassed about this. We do understand how important it is for us to hit our estimated shipping dates and hope you understand. We are trying to get this fulfilled, but since we’re unable to give an exact date we’d understand if you’d prefer to cancel your order. We are very ashamed about that we still don’t have any progress with your order and we appreciate your patience and understanding. If you would like for us to cancel the order please just respond to this email and we’ll process an immediate refund.
2. Thank you for shopping with us. We are so very sorry… this item was in stock when we received your order, but we just informed from our sales department that we have an issue with the manufacturer and we are unable to ship this item out at this time. We are right now in communication with them to resolve it, but we cannot guarantee a shipping date.
However no worries, we can offer you 3 options:
1. We can ship it ASAP when we resolve it with manufacturer.
2. We can send this great similar item to you A number of our customers have taken it and were very happy, and if you don’t like it when you receive it a return is not a problem.
3. We can send you a FULL refund.This way you will get your refund much sooner.
Again, our apologies… Looking forward to hearing back asap so we know how to proceed.
3. We mark it as shipped. After some days we inform them it was lost in transit. Courier’s fault.
4. Thank you for shopping with us. We strive to provide our customers with products in perfect condition, so it is our duty to inform you that the items of your order have been found with some damage. We are so very sorry and embarrassed for this.
However no worries, we can offer you 3 options:
1. We can ship it ASAP if we receive more same items from the manufacturer. In this case, we will be unable to give you an exact delivery date.
2. We can send this great similar item to you/ A number of our customers that have bought it were very satisfied.
3. We can send you an immediate FULL refund. This way you will get your refund much sooner.
Again, our sincere apologies… Looking forward to hearing back from you so we know how to proceed.

The Buyer wants to cancel the order, but we find out it’s too late: Greetings, we respect your request to cancel the order, however, we are unable to guarantee that the order can be canceled at this point. When an order is placed, it gets routed to our vendor within 2 hours. The best time to cancel the order is before those 2 hours. Once the order is routed, we have to “catch” the order with our vendor before it ships as most of our customers appreciate fast shipping. The best thing to do at this point is simply refuse the delivery once it arrives that way the order will go right back to our warehouse. We can issue you a full refund once it gets routed. Thank you and have a great day.

If we sale international: International buyers notice: Import duties, taxes and charges are NOT included in the item price or shipping cost, and are of the buyers responsibility. Prior to the bidding, please check with your custom office to see if there are any additional costs.

If customer asks for invoice: Dear customer, eBay/PayPal are the one that generate the invoices, they email them out to you automatically upon purchases, we simply use their platform to sell.

If invoice/price reaches the customer and complains: I am very sorry to hear that you don’t feel satisfied with your purchase. It was a mistake of our suppliers warehouse that they send you this invoice. This is our invoice and the price you see does not include our eBay fees,PayPal fees,our small profit plus the shipping cost. Although our priority is to keep our customers satisfied and in the rare event that they are not ,we do everything we can to fix the situation. So we can offer you a partial refund of ….. as a token of apology for the inconvenience we have caused you. Please let me know if that sounds fine to you so I know how to proceed.
If a buyer asks for a return because found it cheaper or with supplier’s logo on it:
“Hi (buyer name),
(Your name) here from (Your store name).
This item actually ships directly from the manufacturer.
When you place an order, your information is forwarded over to them for processing.
They then choose their warehouse that is closest to your location to use to fulfill it.
Sometimes these are names you may recognize, while other times they are smaller, local operations.
While we certainly try to offer the best deals possible, please keep in mind that as smaller sellers we are not always privy to the high volume discounts that large retailers receive.
Thus while we are contractually unable to price match, I am happy to help you through the return process.
I’ve attached a prepaid return label that you can use.
Simply attach it to the box and take it to your nearest UPS location.
Please also write “(RMA#)” on the outside of the package. This helps us locate it more quickly once it arrives back.
Once the item arrives back to the warehouse, it takes 1-5 business days to process your return. At that time we will process your refund.
Please note that it usually takes a few days from there for the credit to show on your card.
$(xx.xx) will be deducted from your refund to help with the cost of the return label. We will cover the remainder of the return expense for you.
Lastly please note that items must be in their original condition, and postmarked within 30 days of original delivery, in order to be eligible for a full refund.
If you have any questions feel free to message me through Amazon or give me a call at (phone #).
Thanks for choosing (Your store name)!
(Your name)”
Keep in mind that in the super rare event that the buyer does file a claim, it is easily defendable by saying that have provided the buyer a prepaid label and you will process a refund, minus applicable return shipping costs, once it arrives back.
Claims that you win no longer count against you.
So there’s no risk here.
If we want to ask for permission Dropshiping his products: I really Like your products and i would like to know If you Do drop shipping. I am waiting for your answer.Thank you in advance. Best Regard
Item not received: Hello, I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused by not receiving the item yet. You should have by now. Perhaps it is lost in transit. These situations with our carrier rarely happen and still if it happens our target is to be next to you to protect your customer experience. If you could share a minute to check our store feedback you could see that we are proud of our fast shipping! However no worries, I am here to help you and protect your interests. First of all please confirm the shipping address the item was sent. “e.g. Essex E10 5ER United Kingdom” If this is correct, please let me know if you want a new item sent fast, or a full refund. In any case you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase, as a reimbursement for any the inconvenience caused. Looking forward to your reply on how to proceed. Best Regards.
If customer complains regarding Amazon package/wrap:
1.We are selling many of our products also through the amazon FBA system. When we are out of stock in our store we are using our amazon warehouse to send the product. We are truly sorry for this inconvenience.
2.Some of our products will be shipped from Amazon as we hold stock at their fulfilment centre
P.S. Put in your listing’s description that most of your products are being fulfilled by 3rd party sellers’s closest to the buyer’s location warehouses, in order for the buyer to have it ASAP.
If it ships with Amazon Logistics (AZL is not valid by eBay) and customer asks for a valid Tracking #: (This might seem harmful, but in some cases the customers here are experienced buyers that they know that they can get a refund out of this)

Hello Mokelock,
Thank you for shopping with us!
As stated in our description, in order for us to provide fastest possible deliveries, sometimes we use special transfer services from warehouses near you, that are untraceable by public platforms.
That said, your order is stated as delivered on Tuesday, May 23
5:19 PM with the message:
“Your package was delivered. It was handed directly to a resident.
We hope this helps.
If you have any other questions, we will be glad to further assist you.
Best Regards,
Peter Pan
After Sales: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please use CONTACT SELLER before leaving feedback or opening a request and we will do our best to make things right. If you are satisfied with your purchase when it is received, please take a minute to leave us a POSITIVE FEEDBACK & 5-STAR detailed seller rating. Your feedback rating is very important to us, and allows us to grow our business and continue to offer customers great deals. Thanks again and have a great day.




Black Lister Updates – Seller’s Profile Settings – Preview Template

1. Seller’s Profile Settings for Individual Sellers and not only
2. Preview Template on Settings & Auto List page
3. Listing Duration & Country added on Auto List page
4. Shortcodes added to Auto List page

*SOS* Don’t forget to update your browser with Ctrl+Shift+R for avoiding any bugs!!

walmart dropshipping tool

How to make an order with TeoBot from Walmart and Registry List – Cashback Included

How to make an order with TeoBot from Walmart and Registry List – Cashback Included

Android Ebay Listing App

New Black Lister Updates

1. Fetch Amazon products only with ASSIN number

ebay lister

2. Add an Amazon product to your cart, open product’s url from the cart, fetch this url and send it to your repricer.

3. If the product that you want to list has less than 4 images, Black Lister duplicate the first image 4 times, for best SEO.

ebay lister

4. “Mark all” button for images added.

ebay lister

5. Choose the shortcodes and use them now from the “Auto List” page.

ebay lister

walmart dropshipping tool