Seller Profile And Formula Settings

Seller Profile And Formula Settings

Seller Profile And Formula Settings Dropshipping Profit Calculator


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Thank you for choosing Dropship Calculator.  This dropshipping profit calculator has been created in order to work out the profit you will make for each item you dropship.

The site also has some great links to amazing deals which will hopefully assist in choosing products that will gain excellent profits.You already know that Chinavasion is your best source for high quality, low price consumer electronics that are perfect for selling on eBay.
You also know that eBay, like most things in life, isn’t free.
But do you know how to calculate your profit before you list an item on eBay?
In this simple guide, we’ll show you how to make a simple, yet indispensable tool: a dynamic eBay dropshipping profit calculator.
First, you’ll need to know the relevant fees for both eBay and Paypal. Information on eBay’s fee structure can be found here ( ), and Paypal’s fees are here (
You’ll also need to know how Excel works.
If you have never ever used it before, or are like the guy who’ll be editing my post, and only use Excel for storing and recording data you might not know how to get the most out of the equation bar.
It’s much like a calculator in that you have the five simple sum buttons:
You need to start and equation with = and use the cell numbers as figures. There are lots of cool tricks you can do with brackets and words like sum.
You will also need to ensure that all figures are in the same currency and that you have the equation bar turned on.
It is calculus all over again and if you are interested in the mechanics you can learn more at

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