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Drop-shipping is almost as old as mail-order or direct marketing business itself. The premise is a simple one.

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First, you place an ad selling what you don’t have, but what you know how to get. Then, the customer “buys” the item by sending you the money for it. After that, you take a portion of that money and buy the item from your supplier at a lower (usually wholesale) cost, having your supplier ship directly to your customer.
When it works well, drop shipping is an entrepreneur’s dream, a chance to play the perfect middle man with no overhead—you have no inventory, no shipping hassles, and no storefront to deal with. You just accept money in quantity and send slightly smaller quantities of the money you accept to a third party, keeping the difference as profit.
Mistakes to Avoid When Drop Shipping Through eBay
Of course, in real life, things are rarely so simple, and direct marketers that are experienced at drop shipping know that there are generally a steady stream of “ebay dropshipping shipping options to be dealt with in most drop shipping businesses that do any volume. While such hiccups may not have any statistical effect on your business in a traditional drop shipping scenario, on eBay they can mean the difference between success and failure, so it’s important that you treat your eBay drop shipping business like an eBay business first and a drop shipping business a distant second.
Keep Close Tabs on Fulfillment Times

The best way to do this is to actively send emails asking your customers to leave you feedback or to fill out some kind of satisfaction survey after allowing reasonable time for fulfillment. You’ll hear back quickly if the orders are taking longer than you think they should to arrive.

This is important because eBay and online buyers generally expect better service than other kinds of direct marketing purchasers, and if shipments are being delayed for any reason before being sent, you’ll see negative feedback and PayPal charge reversals that can seriously damage your prospects for success.
Monitor Stocking Issues By Whatever Means Available

It is much more critically important that you monitor stocking issues when selling on eBay than it is when selling via other direct marketing channels. Coordinate with your supplier(s) using whatever means is/are available to you, but do not leave fulfillment times and availability exclusively to your supplier. eBay sales are contracts and there is no allowance for ebay dropshipping shipping options or “order cancellation due to unavailability” situations.s.

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