Ebay SEO Tricks

Ebay SEO Tricks

There are VARIOUS tricks that you can implement to improve your SEO/Listing Ranking. Having the
keywords is KEY so implement these tricks AFTER
getting your keywords and
going over the Optimization Tips.

Having more watchers on your item helps improve search ranking and appeal
because it features a flame symbol in search results showing how many
ers the item has. Encourage people to
” your item at the ending and
somewhere in the middle of your listing. You can do this by writing
“Watch this
item, save it for later
” or
“Save it for later, watch this item

If you want to take a short c
ut you can buy watchers on Fiverr. But BEWARE of
untrusted sources.
, make sure to NEVER buy item views. This hurts your
ranking because eBay sees that you are getting a lot of views but no sales(Low
conversion rate)

MAX out your images. eBay allows
12 images for free. Make sure to upload 12.
eBay loves listings with more images and so do buyers. Capture your product
from different angles and different details.

Remove the watermarks, instead ha
ve the option enabled for eBay to add
watermarks for you automatically when you upload an image. I have reason to
believe eBay dislikes user

created watermarks.

If you have a BIN(Buy It Now) listing it is important to get watchers, NEVER run
ut of stock, and to leave the duration as


Till Cancelled

. This helps your
listing gain
and eBay will move your item up in the results. Buyers will
also buy more because it will show the product has had previous sales and that
many people
are watching it.
Having the duration as GTC will make sure the
listing is always active and that you wont lose your traction.

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