Create a Promotion on eBay Dropship Store

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Create a Promotion on eBay Dropship Store

How to create a promoted listing Campaign on eBay

***please NOTE: you must have a eBay Store, and these directions are how to get there from your Seller Hub.
1. Hover your mouse over My eBay (upper right) and click on Selling
2. Hover your mouse over the Marketing tab, and click on Promotions
3. Click the blue Create a Promotion button on the right
4. Choose Order Discount (there are other options, these instructions are for the Order Discount
5. Choose category from the dropdown (I chose Home and Garden)
6. Click on Move Older Items box
7. Click on Set Offer Details blue button
8. Reset the first option to Save $5 when you buy 2 or more, then click Select Items, then on next
screen click Select Items again
9. Choose up
to ten products. Make sure you’re choosing items that you know have ‘stable stock’
(most likely not to run out at your source) and that you have listed at a quantity of 2
10.Click Confirm Selections on the bottom of the screen
11.Click Save and Review
12.Leave the default dates and fill in the Offer Type box (I just write Select Products here)
13.Click Launch
14. Watch what happens to your sales!


How to maximize profits

Understanding Dashboard Metrics

Your promoted listings dashboard contains detailed reports on how your ads are performing. Specific metrics include:

Impressions: The number of times your ads appeared

Clicks: The number of times potential buyers clicked your ads

Sold: The number of items sold through promoted listings ads

Ad fees: The fee based on the ad rate set for your items at the time the buyer sees the ad

Sales: Number of items purchased within 30 days of a click on your ad

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