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Top Ebay Listing Software have received this e-mail from Paypal UK yesterday and I want discuss from you. Actually I do not own a company and I am not a sole trader with license (need license), what can i do to fix my account? In the last part they are asking for Company license or something like that.
Is everyone registered with a Company or something like that here in UK?
My volume in sales is avg. 1000£/20-30 items each day in the last two weeks.

What worry me to register a company is the volume of the invoices, how do you collect them (the one from the seller considering that you buy one item each time)? and how do you made the company invoice to the buyer?

eBay Data Extractor extracts important data: Item – name, number, category, ebay listings, bid information, coverage, estimated delivery time, image link, location, payment option, return policy, seller, shipping details, specifications, time left, price and source link 

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