Replace any Active Content in your listings.

Replace any Active Content in your listings.

Replace any Active Content in your listings.

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On 07 June 2017, eBay will begin blocking active content in listings. Active content consists of scripts, flash elements, and embedded objects, like those often used to create photo galleries, menus, sales maps, feedback display, search boxes, visitor counters, social sharing icons, tabbed terms, promo galleries, and similar devices that might dynamically build a page or change page content after the page has loaded.

In those first months, active content will be allowed during creation, relisting, or revising, but the active content will be blocked from rendering with the page; so the appearance or functionality of your page will change.

In the Fall of 2017 eBay will begin blocking the creation, relisting, or revision of pages with active content. Non-conforming GTC listings will also be affected. eBay store pages will not be affected by the Active Content ban in 2017.

We have been working on a whole suite of free tools that will create replacements for some of those banned elements, like menus, rollover and clickable photo galleries, terms tabs, and promo galleries. They should be presentable in the coming months. In the meantime, we offer this test tool to help you determine which elements in your page might be blocked by eBay when the policy takes effect, giving you a headstart on preparing your listings for the new policies.

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