Connect SKUGRID Repricer with Black Lister

Ebay Lister Dropshipping Tool

Connect SKUGRID Repricer with Black Lister

Connect Repricer DSM SKUGRID with Lister


You will need to  Generate your Remote Key first

ebay lister



After you have registered at Sku Grid and set-up lister skugrid for Ebay the way you see it fit,
you are ready to start adding items.Items can be added in a batch

Starting off at Sku Grid is very simple. Basically there are several steps, as with most web-sites:

How to Setup Skugrid

  • Register in Skugrid (Click Here to Register )
  • Confirm your registration
  • Subscribe for preferred plan
  • Start using Sku Grid




Go to registration page and enter all required information

Confirmation page


Verify your e-mail


Login into your account



Subscribe to a preferred plan



It might take few minutes until you will see credits added to your account.
After that you are all set.
via CSV, imported directly from your account at Ebay or one by one.

This tutorial will go in detail on how to add items one by one.

Click Here to Register

Link your lots to million of items from almost 50 suppliers.
Sku Grid supports Amazon (US, UK) and Ebay (US, UK).
Sku Grid is Ebay Verified Application.
Prices are updated as often as every half an hour.
One can choose to either update price, stock status or both.
Safe repricing: price won’t be decreased by more than 60% of 3 day average.
Safe stock changes: lot won’t be sold if the item was not in stock for last 24 hours.
Each lot can have multiple suppliers – the best one will be chosen.
Calculate selling price with math formulas.
Every supplier can have their own selling price formula.
Can set default stock quantity.
Get lowest possible price, including sale prices.
Monitor prices from almost 150 suppliers.
Ability to monitor price and inventory status of each individual variation.
Get lowest domestic shipping charges for most products.
Schedule price monitoring as often as every hour.
Get e-mail notifications about price and stock changes.
Failsafe monitoring: if checker found a big difference, then item is scheduled to be checked again in 5 minutes by a different server.
Ability to compare items against other products or your own lots.
Profit calculation formulas.
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