Auto Ordering Software For eBay

Auto Ordering Software For eBay

Auto Ordering Software For eBay for Black Lister members and not only is ready and it called TEOBOT
Just download the extension (free for Black Lister’s members) from Google Store and you are ready to use it on AMAZON.COM & AMAZON.CO.UK  & WALMART only for the beginning..

Just Follow these steps:

1. Download TEOBOT extension from the link above
2. Make your account here (already included on Black Lister)
3. Import your supplier’s link and your eBay ids (Black Listings does not need to import them) in Listing History page.
4. Go to My Sales page and search your order’s item number.
5. Click Order button.
6. After redirecting to amazon, add the item to cart manually, go to checko, click on TeoBot’s button at the right top and boom…address is automatically completed.Auto Ordering Software For eBay


The most advanced Auto Ordering Software For eBay, Amazon, and walmart.
Automatically updates your listings base

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