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Dropshipping Cashbacks Sites

Details about how to maximize profits?

You made an eBay sale
Now what were all those little details for how to maximize profits? This list will help. You’ve got this!
If you’re not familiar with opening and using multiple tabs on your computer, get with someone
who is. Then you can join the ranks of folks who have so many tabs open they can’t remember what
they were doing originally!
Do Google image search to find the lowest
source price for the item that sold
Choose whichever vender it is, whether or not it’s the same source you originally sourced from
when putting up the listing.
: Check cashback sites. Some to consider: Up
Whoever has the highest cash back this week (they change often), type your source name in the
search bar click through to your source.
The cashback sites will open a new tab, so
will be where you’ll actually
place your
order as it will take you to your source like Overstock or Walmart or wherever. DO NOT close
the original cashback site
until your order is complete).
Pull up your item and place into cart
. Make sure it’s exactly what your customer ordered
: On a **different tab** (so you don’t lose your place), do a google search for
promo codes. Like this: “Walmart promo code”, or “Samsclub promo code”, or “Hayneedle
promo code”. These will
be click
through sites, but will be copy/paste codes
that you can
enter in to your source site during the checkout process. They’re not always available, don’t
always work, are always worth checking for.
: If you have an email from a source like Overstock with a coupon, click on the coupon in
the ema
il to activate the coupon
. You
ll want to figure out if the email coupon OR the cashback
is more advantageous.
Best not to try to get creative and
stack emailed coupon with cashback,
as this will jeopardize your ability to be able to continue dropshipping from Overstock.
Check out: Enter in your customer’s n
ame and shipping info, enter in your name and billing info,
check a gift box if it applies (some sites don’t have it, don’t worry about it), and place the order
using whichever payment card you have available with the highest cashback
Paypal’s debit
is 1% cashback). You’ll receive email confirmation of your order, and another email when it
PS: If you order from Overstock using the process outlined above and the discount coupon doesn’t
“take”, you can either live chat or call and most often th
ey will issue the discount after your order ships.
Exceptions would be if the discount is expired or doesn’t apply to a sale item