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Want lower PayPal fees in 2 minutes? Here’s how. – Merchant Fees

Want lower PayPal fees in 2 minutes? Here’s how.

PayPal typically charges you 30 cents per transaction plus 2.9% of the value of the sale.  There is a way you can lower this fee to 30 cents + only 2.5%, 2.2% or 1.9%!  Say what!?!?!?  Savings!

Does your Paypal account make at least $3,000 in receipts per month?

Yes? No? Sometimes?

If you answered Yes or Sometimes, follow these steps to apply for merchant status and lower fees:

  1.  Log into your PayPal account.
  2. Click on “Profile and Settings”.
  3. Click on “My Money”.
  4. Click on “Merchant Fees”.
  5. Click on “Apply Now”.
  6. Fill out this short form and click “Submit”.
  7. Find out if you are approved or not for lower merchant rate fees.  It’s immediate!

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So, if you just applied and got the approval message – Congrats!  You are now saving at least $144 per year at a minimum . . . $240 if you have monthly revenue of $5,000.  Now, here’s my question to you . . . what will you do with that savings?  I suggest you reinvest it back into your business to make you better for the long-term success of your business.

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