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Returns in eBay.com – Some facts and few tips on how to handle.

Returns in eBay.com – Some facts and few tips on how to handle.

Returns are time-consuming and sometimes tricky to handle correctly, that’s a good reason to double-think our suppliers. In a return you might lose money or make even more money than your initial profit.

Although eBay supports only one way to do it, there are more than one ways of processing a return; it depends on the case, which one is best to pick.
Also the processing approaches are different between USA(.com) and UK eBay(.co.uk).

Here I just point out some facts and tips for eBay.com.
Facts to consider:
1.In eBay US you can select restocking fee. I select 15-20%. (I’ve been selling with 0% also, I haven’t noticed any difference in sales.)
2.EBay doesn’t like it when you have many return cases open at the same period of time, or cases that do not honour eBay’s timelines.
3.In the return cases form, if you accept the return, eBay will ask you to put the return address. If the address is not the same region with the item’s declared location, eBay won’t let you proceed.
IMO these are the main reasons that sometimes -especially if the item is inexpensive- handling a return through messages is better.
4.If you make an official/full refund (e.g. cancel order or refund buyer through return case) eBay will also return its “final value fees” of this sale. But if you make a partial refund outside of the official return form, you won’t get them unless you call eBay and inform them regarding.
5.For some strange reason, if you select “I accept the return” eBay disables your ability of uploading photos or communicating with the buyer through the case. And then they have some silly steps with labels and tracking numbers and timelines(Item Shipped/Delivered/Refund Sent), that most of the times it makes the whole process trickier to close.
6.If “take action” timelines thresholds are crossed, a new option “let us step in and help” appears. If you or the buyer selects it, eBay will try and favor the buyer. So you will lose the case and get a “defect”.
7. For the restocking fee to be applied officially, the buyer must open a return case. So whenever it applies (e.g. they just didn’t like the item) and he asks for a return through messages, you ask them to open a return case.
8.If a buyer opens a case and then stops responding: Although eBay says “Take action within few days” instead of accepting the return, I wait for some 1-4 days more and then I offer a (small) partial refund. If the buyer keeps not responding, they close the case in your favour.
9.These said, most of the times it is best to have a return case open, but never accept the return. Instead, you select “contact buyer”, write the instructions there and upload the photos with the shipping label if needed.

Returns in eBay.com dropshipping
Sample message on what to write: (1. Keep in mind that before you let them know you initiated a return process, you can ask them stuff like if they have a printer to print the label, if they would like a replace or refund, if they prefer to drop it off by themselves or for UPS to pick up their package, what days they will be at home for UPS to come etc. 2. eBay shrinks the uploaded files, so photo resolution of the labels may become too small for them to read/print/scan. If you are not sure they will receive it big enough, you can find their email through PayPal and inform them that you will also send the label there for better resolution. Also tell them to always contact you through eBay messaging system)
Hello Heather,
I’m so sorry to hear that your item arrived damaged. In this case, I’ll be happy to assist you with the return.
How to return your item: Here, we attach for you your prepaid return label to print and affix onto the package. 1.Please put the item in it’s original packaging and the return label on the outside. Affixit squarely onto the address side of the parcel, covering up any previous delivery address and barcode without overlapping any adjacent side. 2.Take this package to a UPS location. And that’s it!
Once we receive the package we will refund you, minus any shipping costs/restocking fees.
Best regards, George Clooney, GosueBayStore

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3 Deadly Mistakes New eBay DSers do

3 Deadly Mistakes New eBay DSers do

  1. Mistake #1: Out Of Stock approach. Wrong action: In out of stock situation, I immediately cancel the order and refund the buyer. I select the reason “I ‘m Out Of Stock”. This is a 2x critical mistake because: a. I get a “defect rate” for choosing OOS. The more the defects, the less store exposure and seller performance I will have. This is a good way to reach “below standard performance” and eventually lose my account. In other words: We NEVER select the option “I ‘m Out Of Stock”. We select the “Buyer asked to cancel the order” . (lately a 3rd option has been added, “somethin’g wrong with buyers address”) b. I haven’t let the buyer know prior cancelling, thus leading to negative feedback or reporting it to eBay (claim). I should contact the buyer before cancelling the order and indirectly lead them to tell me to cancel the order for them. Correct actions: There are 2-3 commonly acceptable approaches but I’ll write 2 here: I see i’m OOS, I don’t panic. If I want I can wait for a couple of days to see if it comes back, or just search for another supplier with the same item. If this doesn’t work: 1. I mark it as shipped. After some days I inform the buyer that the item was lost in transit. 2. I send a message telling him that the product were damaged: Messages can be like this:
“Hello Buyersname,
Thank you for shopping with us. We strive to provide our customers with products in perfect condition, so it is our duty to inform you that the items of your order have been found with some damage. We are so very sorry and embarrassed for this. However no worries, we can offer you 3 options: 1. We can ship it ASAP if we receive more same items from the manufacturer. In this case, we will be unable to give you an exact delivery date. 2. We can send this great similar item to you/ A number of our customers that have bought it were very satisfied. 3. We can send you an immediate FULL refund. This way you will get your refund much sooner. Again, our sincere apologies… Looking forward to hearing back from you so we know how to proceed.” In most of the cases the buyer will just go for the refund.
2. Mistake #2: Not investing time & money in Tools/Courses/Info (Platform policies/suppliers’ policies/ News regarding DS/Community) That’s an easy common sense one, but some people tend to hope they will succeed without them. When they see no results, they become disappointed and quit. For starting it, DS personal skills and mindset come after commitment and knowledge. It’s that simple: You won’t go far without proper knowledge, eBay will shut you down sooner or later. Try and get at least the basics before starting making your own methods, decisions etc. Find a relative community and make friends/partners etc.
3. Mistake #3: Selecting cheap products located in another country e.g. China VS more expensive located in the same country. Although it is a better idea for other platforms, e.g. Shopify, in eBay -especially when not having an old account/being an experienced seller- it’s not. Unless you have a great plan in mind, or found a great supplier/deal etc, buying from another country is probably a bad idea. And you will soon find it out in time if you do. Here‘s why: 1. Our No1 priority is to ensure the safety of our account and eBay’s high standards make it always eager to punish us for every mistake of ours. Selling from China Warehouses will result in low quality /damaged/ Not as described(SNAD) products, longer delivery times (ePacket service Rocks, but still…), customs problems etc. As a result we get more complains, negatives, returns and time consumption. The most probably poor Chinese suppliers’ services/English language and reluctance to accept returns comes to add to the problem. We must understand that in DS we sell keywords. It’s better to/We can list numerous expensive products with lower profit margin from inside the country, at least until we grow our business enough. That said, there is a method where you sell cheap products from China with high profit margins, so when something goes wrong, you can just give it away without return.

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Top Ebay Listing Software

How to create an eBay seller account

Register with eBay and create a Seller Account in order to start selling. It’s free and easy. Simply follow the steps below.
Note: Don’t be fooled: Creating an eBay account, listing some things and selling them is easy. Trying to make a living out of this is something different. You will need guidance by a teacher or private tutor (coaching) or join /find one of the courses available online.

Register at eBay.com

1. Go to ebay.com.
2. Sign in to your account, or register for a new one. Click “Register.” 3. Fill out the form, including contact information, email address, password, first and last name, and your mobile phone number.
4. Click “Register”
5. After you register you need to confirm the account by sending a PIN to your mobile phone.
6. Enter the PIN sent to your mobile phone, then click Continue.
7. You will be redirected to the Main Page of eBay and you will notice on the top left corner that you will see your name there, that means that you successfully registered your new eBay account.

Create a Seller Account

1. Click “Sell”.
2. Provide your main contact number and address, click Continue.
Note: If you change the country in this form, it will ask you to enter you username and password to continue.
3. eBay will ask you to enter your password for the account. Click Continue.
Note: The username is generated automatically when you are making your account a seller account but you can change it anytime you want.
4. When you reach this page, this means that your account is already a seller account but you need to set-up some settings first before you can use it properly for selling. Click on the eBay logo.
5. The next steps are important for you specify an automatic payment method for paying your seller fees. Click on “My Ebay“.
6. Click on “Account“.
7. Click on the link that says ” Change automatic payment method“.
8. You need to choose what payment method you would like to set for paying seller fees and eBay Money Back Guarantee reimbursements using PayPal, Debit card, or Credit Card. After you chose one for your payment method click on “Set up Automatic Payment“.
9. Provide the necessary information needed for setting up your payment method.
TIP: Sign up for PayPal in order to receive secure online payments for your items. This will verify your identity, increase security with the latest anti-fraud technology, allow you to accept credit cards as payment, and more!
Log in to eBay, then choose My eBay > Account. Here you’ll find information on how to sign up for PayPal. Once you’ve done so, return to your Account and choose “Link My PayPal


Drop Shipping Tips for eBay Sellers

Drop-shipping is almost as old as mail-order or direct marketing business itself. The premise is a simple one.

First, you place an ad selling what you don’t have, but what you know how to get. Then, the customer “buys” the item by sending you the money for it. After that, you take a portion of that money and buy the item from your supplier at a lower (usually wholesale) cost, having your supplier ship directly to your customer.

Ideally, everyone is happy.

When it works well, drop shipping is an entrepreneur’s dream, a chance to play the perfect middle man with no overhead—you have no inventory, no shipping hassles, and no storefront to deal with. You just accept money in quantity and send slightly smaller quantities of the money you accept to a third party, keeping the difference as profit.

Mistakes to Avoid When Drop Shipping Through eBay

Of course, in real life, things are rarely so simple, and direct marketers that are experienced at drop shipping know that there are generally a steady stream of “hiccups” to be dealt with in most drop shipping businesses that do any volume. While such hiccups may not have any statistical effect on your business in a traditional drop shipping scenario, on eBay they can mean the difference between success and failure, so it’s important that you treat your eBay drop shipping business like an eBay business first and a drop shipping business a distant second.

Keep Close Tabs on Fulfillment Times

The best way to do this is to actively send emails asking your customers to leave you feedback or to fill out some kind of satisfaction survey after allowing reasonable time for fulfillment. You’ll hear back quickly if the orders are taking longer than you think they should to arrive.

This is important because eBay and online buyers generally expect better service than other kinds of direct marketing purchasers, and if shipments are being delayed for any reason before being sent, you’ll see negative feedback and PayPal charge reversals that can seriously damage your prospects for success.

Monitor Stocking Issues By Whatever Means Available

It is much more critically important that you monitor stocking issues when selling on eBay than it is when selling via other direct marketing channels. Coordinate with your supplier(s) using whatever means is/are available to you, but do not leave fulfillment times and availability exclusively to your supplier. eBay sales are contracts and there is no allowance for “backorder” or “order cancellation due to unavailability” situations.

Once someone buys an item, you are expected to deliver it promptly, or you may be slapped with a seller nonperformance violation—a process that buyers can start a mere ten days after the close of an auction if they haven’t yet received their order. Just a few of these (generally in numbers that you can count on one hand, though it depends on sales volume) and eBay will close you down as a seller for good.

Be Ready to Mediate in Returns

On eBay, your sales and your ability to make them both depend on your feedback score—a score that is given to you as the initial contact, not as your supplier. If your customer has a return or exchange issue and isn’t satisfied with the process, it will come down on your head as a seller in a very public way—and will negatively affect future sales.

For this reason, you may find it absolutely necessary as an eBay seller to mediate in return and exchange issues after fulfillment in ways that are not necessary when selling using other avenues.

Beware of Product Quality and Buyer Expectations

Once again, eBay and online buyers tend to have higher expectations for trading transactions than do customers in more traditional direct marketing environments. They expect a photo and a clear list of features in your auction listings, and they expect to receive an item identical to the one that they “bought” through your auction listing.

It is therefore important that you either select a wholesaler and a product catalog that won’t switch inventory or suppliers on you without letting you know—or on the other hand that you make very clear in your listings that the item may vary significantly from the listing when your customers receive it—something which won’t play well on eBay and will likely harm sales.

Remember, Auctions Are Auctions

It may seem like an obvious point, but too often it has come back to bite new eBay sellers, so it bears mentioning. If you list using the auction format, you are expected to fulfill the order no matter what the closing price is—even if it is below your cost.

If you can’t fulfill this requirement, sell only using fixed-price (i.e. Buy It Now) listings, or you’re asking either to hit serious financial quicksand and lose your shirt or to be closed down for non-fulfillment—something that has taken down some of eBay’s best and brightest virtually overnight.

Wrapping Up

As you can begin to see, running a successful business on eBay involves two major concerns—first, the maintenance of your good feedback and fulfillment in the context of eBay policies to ensure that you can continue to sell, and second, the fact that you have to fulfill rapidly and at the cost at which your auctions close, no matter what. This includes all the costs, overhead, and/or unexpected losses that can go along with such a proposition.

Master these two tensions between eBay culture and drop ship business models and you’ll be on your way, as are so many others, toward a successful drop shipping business on eBay.

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Ebay SEO Tricks

There are VARIOUS tricks that you can implement to improve your SEO/Listing Ranking. Having the
keywords is KEY so implement these tricks AFTER
getting your keywords and
going over the Optimization Tips.

Having more watchers on your item helps improve search ranking and appeal
because it features a flame symbol in search results showing how many
ers the item has. Encourage people to
” your item at the ending and
somewhere in the middle of your listing. You can do this by writing
“Watch this
item, save it for later
” or
“Save it for later, watch this item

If you want to take a short c
ut you can buy watchers on Fiverr. But BEWARE of
untrusted sources.
, make sure to NEVER buy item views. This hurts your
ranking because eBay sees that you are getting a lot of views but no sales(Low
conversion rate)

MAX out your images. eBay allows
12 images for free. Make sure to upload 12.
eBay loves listings with more images and so do buyers. Capture your product
from different angles and different details.

Remove the watermarks, instead ha
ve the option enabled for eBay to add
watermarks for you automatically when you upload an image. I have reason to
believe eBay dislikes user

created watermarks.

If you have a BIN(Buy It Now) listing it is important to get watchers, NEVER run
ut of stock, and to leave the duration as


Till Cancelled

. This helps your
listing gain
and eBay will move your item up in the results. Buyers will
also buy more because it will show the product has had previous sales and that
many people
are watching it.
Having the duration as GTC will make sure the
listing is always active and that you wont lose your traction.

banner advertising services

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